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Meeting at Conexus Incubator. From left to right: John Brazill, Josh Campbell, April Bourgeois, Susan Birley, Donna Nelson, Andrew Tait, and Paul Levasseur - Feb 2, 2019
Meeting at Conexus Incubator. From left to right: John Brazill, Josh Campbell, April Bourgeois, Susan Birley, Donna Nelson, Andrew Tait, and Paul Levasseur - Feb 2, 2019

Our board of Directors all come from a variety of different backgrounds but solar power has brought us together.

All directors are working on a volunteer basis and have been trying very hard to get the Wascana Solar Co-Operative off the ground.

Our Board Members

President: Josh Campbell

Will Ingenthron Justin Gallagher Jordan Chychrun Larissa Shasko
Denise Gabriel Leanne Matthes Stephen Trott Dieter Toews
Terry White
Dennis Snyder

It All Started When…

We began gathering community interest in a solar power co-op in February 2017. After months of holding meetings and discussions about solar energy, we finalized our vision and mission.

This process enabled WSC to hear and learn from over 150 individuals and numerous guest speakers about their interest in solar energy. WSC connected with several existing solar energy groups, including: the Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) Solar Co-op (in Saskatoon) and Stephen Hall, a Regina solar energy enthusiast. The Co-op also reached out to other jurisdictions such as Ontario and Washington, D.C. to learn about other experiences with community-built solar power projects.

We decided on the co-op model following on the success of the SES Solar Co-op and other solar / renewable energy co-ops already established in other provinces.  The co-op model allows us to operate as a business rather than a non-profit, we secure financial backing for Solar Investment Opportunity projects from our members who realize a small profit from their investment.  

Following this process, we arrived at our vision and mission. 

Wascana Solar Co-operative Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Build a sustainable, community-based cooperative acting as a catalyst for growth in solar power.

Our Mission

Sustainably build, invest in, own and operate solar power generation projects in Regina and across Saskatchewan through a cooperative community model; and to create a better understanding of solar power through education and advocacy.

We identified two paths towards our vision and mission:

  1. SOLAR Investment Opportunities financed by the WSC membership that will fund, build and own solar projects in Southern Saskatchewan with an initial focus on Regina.
  2. SOLAR PANEL GROUP BUY, through assisting individuals or organizations with finding cost savings with the bulk purchase and installation of solar panels that they would own and operate by themselves.

Final Words...

Join Us!
Join Us!

From meeting in neighbourhood pubs to curling rinks, we’re proud of our grass-roots beginnings.

Our community of over 100 members has facilitated the installation of nearly 400 solar panels in just two years.

Join us and be a part of our movement!!

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7:30 PM, 04-Mar-2021 - 04-Mar-2021, Zoom

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