Open Letter to the City of Regina

Wascana Solar Co-operative has signed and authored an open letter to Regina City Council in support of reaching 100% renewable energy by 2050!

Open Letter to City of Regina Mayor and Councillors

Letter of Support for a City of Regina Ratified Goal of 100% Renewable by 2050
Letter of Support for a City of Regina Ratified Goal of 100% Renewable by 2050

February 21, 2021

City of Regina
Offices of Mayor and Councillors
Regina, Saskatchewan

Mayor Sandra Masters, and Councillors of the City of Regina: Cheryl Stadnichuk, Bob Hawkins, Andrew Stevens, Lori Bresciani, John Findura, Dan LeBlanc, Terina Shaw, Shanon Zachidniak, Jason Mancinelli, Landon Mohl

RE: City of Regina -Ratified Goal of 100% Renewable by 2050

Dear Mayor Masters and Members of Regina City Council,

We still remember attending that historic meeting in October, 2018, when Council voted to make Regina 100% renewable by 2050. Many of our organizations addressed Council that day and pledged our support to help Regina reach that goal. However, up until the civic election last fall, we were quite frustrated with the lack of momentum generated towards this goal. This was especially frustrating given the lack of movement on Councillor Bob Hawkins amendment, that asked for four new, concrete actions by 2023.

Yet, we remain optimistic. With the election of a new mayor and council this past fall we sense that there is a shift towards policies which will take our city in the direction of the goal of being 100% renewable by 2050. We want to say that we support and encourage this shift.

During Mayor Masters’ candidacy she shared the following regarding the Renewable Regina goal:

  • "As a city we must act swiftly. And if we don't, as we have seen in other jurisdictions, it will be forced upon us.
  • This is not going to be an optional thing."
  • "There are industries to be developed and there are jobs to be had in green initiatives."
  • "We need a focused and regionally tailored approach."
  • "The idea is building consensus."
  • “There's jobs in it, there's a better climate in it... and the City of Regina needs to do its part... and I don't know why we can't lead in it."

We, the undersigned, are committed to helping the Regina Mayor and City Council to act swiftly with a focused and regionally tailored approach. Our goal is to build consensus and help the public and decision-makers understand the great economic and environmental opportunities that are to be gained if we support renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives. As part of our commitment, in the coming months we are planning to offer specific, policy suggestions that could best help the City reach its goal.

Consider this our commitment to you. That we are with you in what is probably Regina’s most ambitious and energizing mandate. Like Mayor Masters, we, the undersigned, believe that our city can lead in this way, given the huge renewable energy potential in our region.


Josh Campbell, Wascana Solar Co-op
Yvette Crane, Regina Blue Dot Group
Matt Pointer, Saskatchewan Electric Vehicle Association
Jim Elliot, Council of Canadians, Regina
Maureen Hout, EnviroCollective

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